Superior Duct Cleaning Services in Centennial & Aurora, CO

Superior Duct Cleaning Services in Centennial & Aurora, CO

Did you know that according to NADCA, it is recommended that you clean the ducts in your home every 3-5 years?

When was the last time you had a professional company out to properly remove the dirt from your HVAC System? Been a while? Don't worry Mac's Maintenance has partnered with an A+ company to bring superior duct cleaning services to your Highlands Ranch, CO home.

How it Works

  • A vacuum hose is brought into your home through a door or window so that it can be attached near the furnace
  • An air hose is also brought into the home
  • Door seals are used to keep entrances sealed off from the outside
  • The high powered vacuum is used to put the entire system under negative pressure
  • Agitation tools are then used to dislodge and extract contaminants and dust from within the HVAC System vent by vent

Call today to take advantage of our special!
$495 per furnace for a whole house duct cleaning

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